A hand grabbed his shoulder and a cheerful voice shouted above the din, “Tom, you young dog, what do you mean by skulking into corners and not advising your friends where you are?” Before Tom could answer, his fellow artist Ned Richardson, had whipped out his sketch book and with a few quick satirical strokes, … Continue reading Unfinished


Clara’s Coffee – Chapter 6

The monthly Sunday lunch at the Fernway’s had always been popular amongst a group of Clara’s shareholders. In days’ past, these occasions had been far bigger affairs, including children and grand-children and, in summer months, had spilled out onto the lawns, with the inevitable, impromptu games of cricket and croquet. Today’s occasion was a far … Continue reading Clara’s Coffee – Chapter 6

On the Table (Clara’s Coffee – episode 3)

Melissa found that she had been installed in a small but pleasant office of her own, complete with a shiny new laptop, a printer and a new Nokia mobile phone. Nigel had passed over a copy of his bound business plan to her. His instructions had simply been “I need you to research which properties … Continue reading On the Table (Clara’s Coffee – episode 3)