“Jupiter to Mercury, over.”

“Mercury here, over.”

“Just pop up to Pluto and make certain he’s here in good time to make a proper job of Juno’s hair for the do tonight, over.”

“Okay, Boss.”

“I do wish you wouldn’t call me Boss, it’s common. Chief, or Mighty  One.”

“Okay, Boss man.”

There was the sound of choked fury and a small thunderbolt flew past Mercury’s right ear.

“Keep your toga on. I’m on my way, your Magnificence, out.”

Mercury did not like all this interplanetary rushing about but the life was good and there was no shortage of Nectar and Ambrosia in the lands of Helios. There would be plenty of both at the interplanetary ball that night. Mercury knew what was niggling Jupiter. Mars had been pushing for a date with Venus and she’d finally agreed to be his date tonight. Jupiter had hoped for a bit of nooky with her behind a passing asteroid. Juno wouldn’t have minded as long as she could have had her bit of fun with Neptune’s Trident.

Mercury set off, the wings on his ankles a swift blur. Even at full speed it would take him nearly 25 minutes to get out to Pluto and back. Pluto was not best pleased to see him.. He just had a Helio graph from Venus demanding he create the most devastatingly impossible hairstyle for her. She’d been wanting a date with Mars for a long time. She wanted him as her squeeze not only for tonight but at least until she got bored with him. The two of them had been here many times before. They couldn’t survive together but couldn’t exist apart.

Mercury was required for a few more inconsequential errands but got to the bar on Saturn in very good time. He checked his messenger’s staff into the cloakroom between the rings.  Saturn  really was a bit of a show off. No one needs to be spinning that number of hula hoops round their midriffs. It had been a busy day and Mercury was glad to down a large number of galactic cocktails while keeping an eye on the godlings who had been banished to Io for the night.

 Author: Greg

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