Over the Brow

Mr Wilkes was a quiet man.   It is safe to say that he seemed happiest when left to his own devices.  He was generally kind and would pass the time of day with neighbours, usually reflecting on the weather and whether or not it was apt for the time of year.  In many ways he was all kinds of ordinary.  However, Mr Wilkes had a passion.  Mr Wilkes loved to walk.

Man is a holistic being, and we operate on three planes, physical, psychological, and spiritual. Most would accept that walking addresses the physical dimension admirably. But there are also the other dimensions,– the psychological and spiritual. For Mr Wilkes, walking addressed all three of these simultaneously.   Being in nature cleared Mr Wilkes’ mind, and allowed him to focus on the important things in life, rather than the trivialities that so often dominate daily existence. Mr Wilkes often felt a strong sense of personal psychological fulfillment, and an increased level of gratitude and compassion after a long walk.  Small wonder then, that nothing held more importance for Mr Wilkes than walking.

Mrs Wilkes didn’t share Mr Wilkes’ passion.  It wouldn’t have worked if she had, since Mr Wilkes considered walking to be best enjoyed alone.  If she asked him where he planned to go, more often than not he would joke,‘Just over the brow.’So Mrs Wilkes occupied herself in other ways. She was often spotted in her beautiful garden and she would collect her own seeds which she shared with neighbours.  She attended the WI and had even won prizes in the village show for her Victoria Sandwich and her rose and elderflower conserve.   Mrs Wilkes loved the damp warmth of her greenhouse where she tended new plants and reveled in their growth.  But this wasn’t Mrs Wilkes passion.  Mrs Wilkes’ passion conveniently found expression on the same days that Mr Wilkes enjoyed his.  On those days Mrs Wilkes would bathe luxuriously and then she would take out a suitcase from the bottom of the wardrobe and choose suitable attire.  Usually silk or lace or both.  It didn’t matter that Mrs Wilkes was generously proportioned and neither did matter that she was near to claiming her pension.  She applied expensive perfume and then spread a beautiful purple satin sheet over her bed, including the headboard.  Mrs Wilkes then attended to her technology to enable her to connect with the wider world out there that awaited her.  With a click Mrs Wilkes adventures begin.

When connected with nature, be it the nature outside or within, we intuitively and naturally experience a connection with our spiritual being.   It is fair to say that the Wilkes’s had each found their perfect way to go over the brow.

Author: Anna

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