She was looking out of the window, enjoying the rich summer sunshine when the knock came.  She smiled softly to herself and opened the door.  Professor Bradbury was carrying two large text books which he held out.

“As promised” he said.

“Thanks, it’s really good of you to lend me these.  I was really stuck, the library copies are all out for the foreseeable.   Come in, I’ll make some tea”.

He stepped inside and looked around the room. It was filled with a soft, buttery light as she had one of her curtains drawn against the glare of the afternoon sun.  There was a single bed against one wall, a desk against the opposite wall and a wardrobe and small table.   There was only a chair at the desk so he perched on the end of the single bed.  The curtain billowed lightly and the whisper of a breeze was welcome in the heat.  He watched her reach for cups on a high shelf and noticed the long curve of her waist as she stretched.  She was wearing a dark red vest and faded jeans and her feet were bare.  Her toe nails were sparkly pink and she had a small pink heart on the foot.  He noticed that her dark auburn hair had a few soft tangles, what his daughter called ‘birds nests’.

“Do you want me to point out the most useful chapters?” he asked, and went to sit at the desk where he started leafing through one of the books he had brought.

She leant over his shoulder and he could smell her skin which was dappled with freckles and the softness of her body pressed against his back.  He pulled off some post-its and used them to mark the chapters in the text books.

“Thanks.  I will get the essay in straight after the holidays.” She promised.

She crossed the room and sat down on the bed.

He wanted to look away for a moment so he turned to the picture on the wall.

“Do you like Klimt?” he asked.

“I love that one” she replied. “The sea of flowers seem soft and romantic but then look at the way his face is buried in her neck and she is in a state of rapture.  Pure passion hidden in that gold cloak.”

“Mmmm.  Well I had better get back.”  He stood up decisively and crossed to the door.  She followed him and leant against the door frame, tilting her head a little.

“Thanks again, I really appreciate the books.”  She smiled lazily, reached up and grazed his cheek with the back of her hand, then closed the door gently.

Author: Anna

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