Starting Again

“I am thinking of starting again !”

“What ? Good God, no!”

“I have to. It doesn’t work…”

“But you said a bit of charismatic leadership would make it right….”

“Well, it’s just a mess now. Each recruit from ‘ProphetAbilty Inc…promised a new initiative, but frankly, I feel betrayed.”

“But you’ve spent so long on this project …fixing it up so often and keeping it moving.”

“Well it’s not right – everything is going pear shaped !”

“Can’t you intervene somewhere ?”

“Blimey ! I’ve tried – but key people keep getting it wrong ! That’s the trouble with a global project on this scale. Never enough sensible people on the ground . Violence, corruption, avarice and ignorance everywhere .Everyone has an opinion ! Why Regional Managers get so wound up about everything, I don’t know. Every ‘new broom’ wants to set up their own power base…I think it’s a basic flaw I overlooked in the very first prototype…See, I was in such a rush to get the whole project started, I skimped on the basics. Not enough trialing and preparation. That fundamental weakness has stayed throughout…”

“So what do you have in mind ?”

“I did think about blowing the whole thing up and starting again elsewhere, with a whole new workforce …My original game plan would evolve better, but it means total wipeout…

“But you will lose all your redemption points !…All that data will be lost. You will need to reinvent the wheel…Evolving it will take forever and you will let your opponent win ! Is it worth it…?”

“Hmmm. Not sure. Last time I just washed out the disruptive elements …. Then let things run for a while and eventually sent in a new man, my son as it happens, for a fresh perspective. It livened things up a bit and got everyone back on the right path for a while. Since then though…”

“Yeah – look how that turned out ! He didn’t last long….although his blueprint worked quite well with CEO’s in Italy …until you found them with a hand in the cooky jar too!”

“Unfortunately, all the western regional centres have lost their way over time, and now the opposition have gained a lot of ground. There is so much disruption and chaos all over the place !…My operations have always had leeway for some element of disobedience, but this – this is a whole new level.”

“You can’t let him win ! It will be the end of everything…If you shut down operations, it will be more than the lights going out. You have too much to lose…He has too much to gain!”

“Not if I destroy the entire world. He is left in limbo. I can shut off his support anytime I chose and he will be left hanging with nowhere to go…”

“Great, then he will be under my feet again…taunting the new recruits and tempting them to misdemeanours. You said this earth project would keep him engaged and you could keep an eye on him. Now he is outsmarting you…Has he really learnt so much about how you work ?”

“Pete, I’m an old man now – Lucifer is shining his own light on his work, and he has more vim and vigour than I do these days…”

“Life would be so much easier if he wasn’t around. Couldn’t you just destroy him, along with the world ?”

“Well, I could – but where is the fun in that ? I need a challenge too, you know. He has to win occasionally…shame he makes such a mess in the process. Unfortunately, if we didn’t already have him to counterbalance me, we would have to invent him. It’s like playing chess with no opponent”

“Leave him in the world then. Let the people decide what to do with him…With a bit of luck, he will have his hands full for some time yet.”

“Ha,ha – who said ‘Hope springs eternal?”

Author: Lucy

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