The Bike Shed (2)

grayscale photography of four women wearing clothes

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She had been going out with Ronnie for over two months and was passionately in love.  He was her first real boyfriend – maybe the one?

At morning break she met up with her best friends, Leslie, Stella and Mandy

“Are you still going out with Ronnie then?” asked Leslie.

“Yeah, nearly four months” she smiled.

“So he’s not a bastard anymore then?”

“No, he was just babysitting with Yvonne to get some money to buy me that Bay City Rollers single” she explained.  The girls nodded knowingly.

“So Sue .. have you two been behind the bike shed yet?” asked Mandy.  Sue grinned and averted her eyes.

“No, but I think we might be getting close” whispered Sue. There was a chorus of  ‘woo hoo’.  Sue looked up at the widened eyes of her entourage.

“We’re babysitting on Friday for my sister’s kids …” she explained.  The girls nodded knowingly.

“Jill Miller went behind the bike shed with Twackers last week” said Stella.

“Jill Miller would go behind the bike shed with anyone!  She went behind the bike shed with Jonny and Roddy at Jackie’s party” claimed Leslie, “she came running out of the bedroom after Roddy, crying she was pregnant.”

“My God, she’s a right scrubber!” said Stella.

The girls nodded knowingly.

‘I feel a bit sorry for her though’ said Sue, ‘Her dad left her mum for her mum’s sister.  Jill told me her mum has been a right bitch to her since then.’

“Don’t stick up for her’ retorted Stella, ‘My mum was a bitch to me after her perm went wrong.  It wasn’t my fault she looked like a bloody dandelion clock!’

The girls laughed.

“I’m saving up for a perm.  It will be okay so long as you don’t have it when you have a visitor’, said Leslie.

“Eh?  What visitor?  Your auntie Donna?” asked Stella.

“Not that kind of visitor!’ whispered Sue urgently, “You know … the monthly visitor!’

“Oh I won’t even pluck my eyebrows when I’ve got my visitor because it can paralyse your face”, explained Leslie.

The girls nodded knowingly.  Then the bell rang for the end of break.

The following Monday the girls met in their usual spot in the school yard.

“Where’s Gillian?” asked Sue.

“She’s at home.  There’s nothing wrong with her but she won’t come to school because she’s got to wear a neck collar.  She went to the hospital on Saturday night after she fell off her platforms.” explained Stella.

The girls’ faces contorted in a mixture of sympathy and amusement.

“So … Friday night?” whispered Leslie, fixing Sue with a stare, “Did you?”

Sue surveyed her wide eyed audience.

“Kind of ..” she murmured.

‘Kind of?  What does that mean?  What was it like?” insisted Stella.

“Well ..” whispered Sue.  The girls huddled closer.

“It was all lovely but then … there was a lot of jabbing”


“Yeah, you know, his thing!  And we were just about to … you know.  Then we heard the door go downstairs!  Obviously we jumped up and then I heard Jenny’s voice shouting ‘Sue, I’ve brought parkin!”.

“Why had Jenny brought cake?  Did she know you’d be celebrating?” asked Leslie.

“No, it was George Parkin from the 6th form!”

“Trust Jenny to ruin your big moment” said Stella, “I bet Ronnie was fuming”.

“I asked him afterwards how he felt” said Sue.

“What did he say?”

“He said he couldn’t wait to tell Twackers that he’s been around the bike shed”

“Aw, that just shows how much he loves you, if he cant wait to tell his best mate’ said Leslie.

The girls nodded knowingly, just before the bell marked the end of break.

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