Moonlight Memories

She makes her way across the moor. It’s cold, probably around freezing she guesses, as the dead bracken crackles beneath her boots. She pulls up the hood of her parka and thrusts her hands deeper into the lined pockets. Making this trip wasn’t something she had wanted to do. Nothing could appeal less to her. … Continue reading Moonlight Memories

A Hospital Experience (or The Shortcut part 2)

This woman looks broken, broken beyond repair.  A team of white coats is fussing over almost every inch of her battered body.  They talk quietly, but with a sense of urgency.  Surely they cannot expect her to recover from the mess she is in. Wires attached to her lead to complex beeping machines.  Tubes go into her, with blood … Continue reading A Hospital Experience (or The Shortcut part 2)