The Elevator (2)

landscape photography of factory during daytime

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He walked authoritatively through his office building lobby, acknowledging everyone he passed, smiling broadly, his inner smugness apparent for all to see. They’d been in the new office block in the City for a week now. He had helped design the modern space and had spared no expense, he wanted the world to know he was a success and that all the allegations had finally been proven false in the highest court in the land.

He approached the glass elevators, pressed the button for the top floor executive office suite, his fingerprint identifying him and the state of the art system told him to go to elevator 8. The doors automatically closed behind him and he started to anticipate the view when he stepped out at the top.

Much to his annoyance the elevator stopped after a couple of floors and a smartly dressed, good looking girl got into the lift, a small nod exchanged between them. He wasn’t surprised he couldn’t put a name to her face, the building housed nearly two thousand employees. A couple of floors later the same thing happened. A further two floors up a couple of men got in. By the time he reached the floor below his office the elevator was full to capacity with successful looking, mid-thirties office workers and they all exited on that floor. They dispersed in all directions, one of them distracted by something he was entering on his phone bumped into him as he exited.

The first thing he was going to do on reaching his office was to complain to the lift engineers. The destination dispatch lift system was supposed to be very efficient at getting people as quickly as possible to their required floor, so they could make even more money for him but the system was designed to recognise him and give him sole occupancy of a lift up to his office.

Further to his annoyance, instead of continuing up the elevator started to move back down. Occupants of the other elevators were horrified to see their boss grab at his shirt collar and tie, desperately trying to loosen it. They watched him slide down the wall of the elevator, not able to see the tiny gas cylinders tucked discretely behind the gold coloured hand rail around the inside of the elevator. It returned to the lobby area and automatically opened its doors, causing those waiting  to scream and step back in horror.

He would never know that one of those that had ridden with him was now a software engineer for the lift company working on his building and he had access to the system via his phone, even able to change the pressure in the pod to activate the gas canisters. Or that one of them was a leading scientist in toxic agents. Nor would he see that two of those that had ridden with him re-entered the elevator to supposedly help surreptitiously removed the canisters.

A dozen young people, representing many more, had dispatched their own justice, knowing that he had paid off the system to absolve him of the child abuse cases that had been hanging over him for the past twenty years.

Author: Liz

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