Moments (2)

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We all have moments; senior moments are becoming the norm for me! And we’re all encouraged to take a moment or be in the moment; but how often do we actually really, totally do it. Life encroaches so easily, especially now most of us constantly carry a phone, that vibrates even if it doesn’t ring.

I took a moment one evening recently. Sat with my other half, cat on my lap, in the flat we moved into a few months ago. All the work to make it ours is pretty much done. I have a cup of Ringtons tea, brewed strong, in my hand. After a few sips I give a big sigh “I like it here” and am answered with an agreeing smile. And we are here because I took another moment.

My truly in the moment, moments are usually in nature. Whether in my garden, out for a walk or on holiday. In the garden it is still so easy to get distracted “I’ll just pull up that weed” which invariably leads to another before going round the whole garden. Or “I really must get round to fixing that fence panel” or……….

When out for a walk, I invariably have the dog with me, so I don’t fully switch off very often. I’m always checking she isn’t eating too much grass, rolling in fox pooh or waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting cyclist. But I have managed a few moments for myself and before moving, my preferred  place was the millennium wood in St Ives, Bingley.

All the trees have been planted in someone’s memory, its a mixed wood of native species that are maturing nicely, the area constantly changing with the seasons. The wood is fenced off and cyclists and horses excluded, so it really is peaceful. This visit is in autumn, my favourite season. I like a bench, that sits facing an open space, in the shelter of an oak, it’s leaves just starting to turn. A wooden wind chime above moves in the gentle breeze, it’s random notes helping to quiet my thoughts. The sun shining is a bonus. We’ve had a long walk already, so the dog is content to lie next to me, so long as her two balls are in sight and no squirrels make an appearance.

So I sit, close my eyes and let the world wash over me, let my thoughts go where they want and I try not to pick them up and run with them. I fail a couple of times, thinking about preparations for our imminent holiday, then about my dentist appointment but try again and manage several minutes of calm before being interrupted by a family walking their dog.

Afterwards I feel refreshed. On the short drive home, my subconscious thoughts of my quiet contemplation now coming to the fore, I think about why those trees are there. Some of them have plaques on them and some represent people taken far too young. They remind me that life is short and our future unknown, then I start to wonder if it would be possible to retire early.

So take a moment, you never know where it will take you.

Author: Liz

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