Strange Love



She hardly noticed the plain surroundings and the death march playing as she walked towards the love of her life in her floor length, flowing white bridal gown and fake diamond tiara. Nothing had been done to make the room look like a wedding was about to take place. But there stood her gentle giant dressed in a white suit with a carnation in the buttonhole, black shirt, thin red tie, rounded glasses, trilby hat hiding his bald head and Union Jack shoes. It was the first time she had seen him in anything but a track suit since they had met five months ago.

She looked into the deep green eyes of her soulmate and took a long deep breath trying to control her nerves and excitement. His smile, hidden somewhat by his greying, twirled moustache was broad and genuine as she joined him. Three witnesses, all acquaintances of his, and the chaplain made up the wedding party. His best man stood close by his side throughout the ceremony.

She had first contacted him by letter, wanting to thank him for his inspirational book that she had stumbled across whilst browsing in a book store. A connection was made as they exchanged longer and longer letters and she fell in love with his phenomenal spirit. They decided to meet and the connection grew even stronger, especially when he started to share with her his artwork and support for charities.

They didn’t have much opportunity to meet very often but he had proposed to her not long after that first meeting, by telephone on Valentine’s Day, serenading her with his own version of ‘My Way’ – regrets we have none. He had couriered over a sparkling diamond engagement ring for her best friend to place on her finger when she said yes to ‘Would you like to be my missus?’.

Her family were not enamoured with her choice of husband but couldn’t argue with the fact that she was deliriously happy. They knew nothing was going to change her mind, her infatuation was real and she felt they had brought each other from ‘dark times into the light’. They thought the romance was more bizarre than the stories in the soap operas she acted in.

Her family were not at the ceremony because of their uncertainties over the match but because of the logistics. She put the disappointment of not having them there behind her, they had overcome many hurdles to get to this point and she was not going to let anything spoil her day. She would see them all later at the reception.

The couple turned towards each other in front of the chaplain and she pulled back her veil. He smiled again and the nuptials began. After a little while he took her hands, revealing a glimpse of the handcuff beneath his shirt. “I Charles Salvador do take……..”

A story based on the marriage of Charles Bronson, considered to be one of Britain’s most dangerous inmates.

Author: Liz

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