I know

liz - i know

Emily was suddenly bent double laughing as two figures walked along the row of camper vans opposite theirs. She called Maggie out of the awning to take a look. She came dashing out of the camper and bobbed her head out of the awning door. The two were dressed in second skin costumes, one a gingerbread man, the other a walking model of the human circulatory system.

They were wearing crocs as protection from the uneven ground and cowpats and sheep muck on the farmer’s field. Maggie wasn’t comfortable with what she saw and dipped back inside the awning.

Emily however waved, shaking her head and chuckling at them as they continued by. The pair carried on walking for a little while, acknowledging other festival goers showing an interest, although feeling a little self conscious. They didn’t want to be out too long as the weather was chilly and looking like it might turn to rain, so they doubled back and as they passed Emily again she mimed a drink, to which she received an enthusiastic thumbs up from both.

“Maggie, Maggie come quick, the guys are back, let’s have a drink together!” High pitched squeals emanated from the camper.

“No, No, please don’t offer them a drink, send them away. You know I don’t like that kind of thing.”

Emily ignored her and went to get some cans from the chiller, though no-one was sure how the two guests were actually going to drink the offering.

Just then two of Maggie’s friends came round the back of the van, cheered and burst out laughing. They asked Maggie to come out and join them but she was still hiding in the awning, Emily apologised that she couldn’t offer them shelter from the cold because of Maggie’s reaction. Gingerbread man mimed to walk away and Emily protested but agreed it might be best.

“It’s OK Maggie, you can come out now, they’ve gone.”

Slowly Maggie emerged from the awning, checking the coast was clear and greeted her friends, who in turn wished her a happy fortieth birthday. Surrounded by people, she couldn’t escape as the two reappeared. They knew it wasn’t fair to upset Maggie for too long, so quickly took off the headwear of their costumes.

Gingerbread man was in fact Tina, a life long, redheaded friend of Maggie’s. Tina couldn’t believe that Maggie hadn’t recognised her, especially with the ‘ginger’ clue but in truth she hadn’t exactly studied the duo because of her fear of the costumes.

Once Maggie had recovered from the shock that Tina had turned up as a surprise for her big birthday and that everyone else had been in on it, she was delighted and a good time was had by all over the weekend. She kept mentioning the subterfuge and delight, so it had all worked out well, despite giving her a bit of a scare.

I know, because I was there, I was the one in the other second skin suit!

Author: Liz

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