(Half) A Conversation

person standing near lake

Photo by Lukas Rychvalsky on Pexels.com

‘Hi gorgeous, how are you?’

‘It’s me, Ryan.’

‘Yeah, great. I’m fine, thanks, Sylvie. Thought I’d just catch up, you know, see how you were.’

‘I don’t know that many gorgeous girls…in fact, I’ve never met anyone quite like you before.’

‘Well, of course, I’ve met other superficially attractive young ladies but none with your combination of looks, style, finesse and…brains!?

‘Yeah, well, it must have seemed a bit fast’

‘Well, OK, very fast?’

‘No, I think you’re adorable, every aspect from…’

‘I was just going to say…look we’ve got that “sensitive bit” over with and now we can lie back and…’

‘Well, yes, absolutely…I’m, er, putting it in my calendar as we speak…’

‘Er, anytime that’s good for you is fine with me!’

‘Of course, so long as the other party agrees…I might be a little bit forward, you know, but I’m not known for my toxic masculinity!’

‘I was just trying to settle things that I felt should be clear in a relationship from the start.’

‘Absolutely we can! But I was only going to say, now we can concentrate on all the other aspects of compatibility, exploring each other’s tastes…’

‘Of course, I know that we’ve done a lot of exploring already, I meant…’

‘No, you misunderstand me, I meant learning the depths of each other’s minds, characters, attitudes, beliefs, opinions…’

‘How can one have a soulmate without that level of understanding?’

‘Oh, my God, what?’

‘In the Times?’

“Sounds like just the sort of thing that b*stard Tusk would say – I’m sure his place in hell has long been reserved along with Junker & Verhofstadt.’

‘What? You’re kidding me? You voted Remain?’

‘No, I’m a leaver.’

‘Sylvie, I’m not questioning your intellect! Far from it!’

‘And I hope that you’re not questioning my ability to make an informed decision.’

‘Look….look…I never said the issue was simple.’

‘Yes…. I understand those points you’re making.’

‘Do I look like a senile old pensioner? You didn’t seem to think so last night’

‘Why did I decide to vote leave? It was on one issue and one alone – sovereignty!’

‘I’m sorry but I don’t attempt to understand the minutiae of detail thrown up by both side’s politicians, the media and their followers.’

‘It’s just detail!’

‘I know, I know, but for me, Sovereignty is transcendent; everything else, all the other details and issues, flow from it.’

‘Well, as it happens, I’ve read the key treaties and we’ve given away a vast amount of our sovereignty already.’

‘Look, we’re the 5th largest economy in the world and I think that we should have more confidence in our ability to survive without signing away the remainder of our sovereignty as the EU moves ever closer to an undemocratic, European superstate.’

‘No, I’m not mansplaining! I’m trying to answer the questions you asked.’

‘Yes, this is an existential issue for our country but not one we seem to agree on a solution for.’


‘Hello, Sylvie, hello? Oh, God!

Author: Tony

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